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Iznik launches “Chinon Vol III”collection

August 12, 2017 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

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Iznik brings you its latest collection, Chinon Vol III. This collection consists of 10 embroidered luxury chiffon unstitched pieces which are truly fit for the Queens. Every ensemble combines elegance and splendor in a celebration of colors.
Iznik offers a hallmark chiffon creation that signifies the absolute best in femininity and elegance in its latest collection. Bringing a refreshing experience to traditional styles with a modern interpretation of classic patterns and trends, our latest collection evokes a stylish new look of youth, grace and allure.
Chinon by Iznik is a spectacular addition to our venerable line that entwines a refreshing look with an aura of sophistication to give the perfect look this season.
Each outfit is three piece and requires the least preparation, priced at Rs. 6,650/-
This is your chance to select, wear and be the centre of attention for a classic hear-to-toe look
So grab your dresses from our collection featuring brilliance for giving your wardrobe a dose of glamour in this season.