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Affordable foundations in pakistan,priced under or at 1000 rupees

February 22, 2015 Mayas Makeuplife 26 Comments

Hello girls,
I wanted to write a detailed post on foundations for a very long time but never found enough time to do that. In today's post I am giving all the lovely girls some foundation options without a hefty price tag. Every girl is beautiful and deserves cosmetics to enhance and adorn her beauty and let's be honest, good quality cosmetics are way more expensive and out of reach from many Pakistani girls who love beauty.I have compiled a list of foundations which do not bear a big price tag,hope this post will help many girls out there and I vow to search for more affordable cosmetic options for the lovely girls who want to look beautiful without making a hole in their pockets.
1:Christine foundations:
The cheapest foundation I found in the pakistani market is Christine's Oil free pan cake base for 275 rupees and Christine's professional paint stick base for 440 rupees,both available in many colors and available easily on local cosmetic can buy it online on saloni .pk website.
2.Makeup Revolution Matte effect foundation:
This is my favorite foundation which is so affordable and has matte finish, perfect for someone like me who doesn't want to waste money on expensive foundations.It comes in tube,available in 8 shades,priced at 350 rupees only, available at and online. 
3: Becute liquid foundation:
Becute is a company locally available in pakistan. I have tried their liquid foundation and its a cheap and good quality foundation easily available in all local cosmetic stores.It is priced around 400/500 rupees and price can slightly vary in different cities of Pakistan.
4.Rivaj uk foundation:
Rivaj Uk has good cosmetic range with a very affordable price tag,If you are looking for a cheap foundation,go to Rivaj's counter and ask assistance in choosing the right type of foundation and color from them.It will not disappoint u.Rivaj uk perfect coverage mineral foundation has good shades range and comes with a price tag of 390 you can buy it on saloni pk
Oriflame very me smoothie foundation is a good quality foundation which is priced at 599 rupees,Oriflame matte control foundation is priced at 1,099 rupees,available from authorized Oriflame consultants and and
6.Color Studio Professional:
Color studio professional pro luminous foundation is priced at 750 rupees.
Color studio HD stick foundation is priced at 850 rupees.
7. essence:
essence all about matte foundation is available for 790 rupees,essence soft touch mousse foundation for 790 rupees.
Luscious Flawless finish liquid foundation is available easily for 845 rupees.
Luscious foundation stick is priced at 925 rupees.
my personal favourite, Rimmel stay matte liquid mousse foundation is priced at 850 rupees.
10.Golden rose:
Its cream foundation is priced at 900 rupees.
Its stick foundation comes with a price tag of 995 rupees. Stageline liquid foundation is priced at 945 rupees.Stageline fluid makeup foundation is priced at 1,145.
12.Misslyn foundation:
its newly launched brand in Pakisan,its foundation is priced at 975 on go grab one for yourself because its good quality.
Maybelline fit me foundation,is my absolute choice,comes around 995 rupees if you buy it from a maybelline counter in retail stores.Online it is priced at 1,150 rupees.
The good old kryolan tv paint stick is priced at 1000/1,149 rupees and it lasts for ages.
I have mentioned the foundations which are priced under or almost 1000 pkr.Please note that liquid foundation is used for everyday wear and low to medium coverage while stick foundation is used for full coverage.I hope this post will help many girls looking for affordable foundation in Pakistan.

(All images are from google images)
Thanks for reading ,ciao!

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  1. Wow you did a geart job hun :) definitely it help a lot....Thanks for sharing this great post :)

    1. glad you find it helpful.thanks a lot

  2. Great post. The topic is so good. Don't forget to stop by my blog. Thanks:)

  3. Many of these brands are new to me but I'm sure that Essence have just come to the UK :) xxx

    1. yeah some are available in pakistan and some are international.essence is great with low price tag.thanks for stopping by

  4. Great job, it will definitely help girls to choose wisely.

  5. yes some of them r incredibly good nice post

  6. Quite a helpful post! x
    Please checkout this post. I have tagged you! =)

    1. thanks sweet of u for tagging me

  7. Great overview of some fab products. Stay matte sounds interesting... :) T.

  8. This is a very helpful beauty guide! x

  9. Which foundation should i buy for summers during day time as i have extremely oily skin and acne prone too . ?? Stageline or rimmel or maybelline? P.s i use it occassionaly only but still it should be long lasting and have mattyfying effect

    1. my dear most foundations slip in our very hot weather.I would suggest Revlon colorstay foundation for your oily skin.

  10. hi..u have given a great revu..wat shud i use on dry skin in summers..

  11. add some review of skin whitening products

  12. Wow its an really informative thing girl because I was looking for something which has good qaulity and affordable as well thanx:)

  13. Have you bought anything from ever? I just found this site and I'm wondering if it's any good.

    I think they're also selling some local Pakistani brand but I've never heard of it. Maybe you could check it out?

    Thanks a bunch!

    1. yes I frequently shop from just4girls , they have great customer service ,authentic product, though the delivery is a bit can also buy from both websites are from where I regularly order.

  14. A helpful guide. Kindly tell me where can I buy oriflame smoothie foundation? I couldn't find it on daraz or just4girls...?

    1. Thank you so much,
      You can buy from any oriflame seller online ,
      Here's link to oriflame official account