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March 26, 2015 Mayas Makeuplife 9 Comments

Hi girls,
Today I am writing this post about a celebrity perfume, which is Intimately Beckham. I feel more and more celebrity perfumes are making way into market and probably every star has his or her own fragrance launched. Probably Elizabeth Taylor was the pioneer in starting the trend and even after her passing away, her famous white diamonds tops the list of many.
Now back to David Victoria Beckham perfumes, I think Victoria is a fashion Icon and their perfume line is great, its cheap but I have no complaint about the quality of their perfumes.
Top notes: lotus breeze, bergamot and rose petals. 
The middle notes: lily from Casablanca, tuberose and neroli
Base notes: powdery vanilla,sandalwood and musk notes.
The packaging:
I love the packaging of Intimately Beckham by David and Victoria Beckham. It comes in a clear square bottle with a clear square cap, I love how they have kept it so simple and basic but still the heavy glass bottle looks expensive and is a pretty thing to adorn one's vanity.
My Thoughts:
I am absolutely in love with this perfume. If you are a fan of white florals ,Rose and musk,you' ll love this fragrance. Intimately Beckham is a sweet, white floral fragrance, which is sexy and captivating. Tuberose is the star of this perfume, and I am a die hard fan of tuberose, the good thing is that the hints of rose and the sweetness kind of tone down the tuberose note because if this flower is heavily used, it can be over powering. Rose in this perfume is very delicate and pretty. Intimately Beckham has almost the similar vibe of CD Pure Poison. It has the same slight sweet moth-ballish white floral quality and as a pure poison fan, I would want to stock up Intimately Beckham as a gem, because its insanely close to Pure Poison and the price is nothing in comparison to Pure poison.

Silage and Longevity:
Intimately Beckham has good silage, its not a skin scent and the staying power is above average, it stays put for 10/12 hours which is insane.I would recommend to lightly spray it as it can induce headache if applied heavily.

Price and availability:
I believe its not in production anymore but still can be bought throughout USA and Uk .The price is around 21 $. In Pakistan I have seen bottles of Intimately Beckham online for 2800/ 3000 can buy it online from this fb page here and in USA from

Is it a dupe of Pure Poison by Christian Dior?
While Pure Poison is an elegant and timeless creation, Intimately Beckham has similar notes with Pure Poison. It cannot beat the quality & charm of Pure Poison but if you want to save your bucks and are a fan of Pure Poison,you should buy Intimately Beckham. It is absolutely gorgeous.

My Ratings:

Will I repurchase?
Thanks for reading.Do comment below I love to read comments by my lovely readers.

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  1. Very well and detail written post. I love floral scents so might look for it :)

    1. thank hon.its a very nice fragrance.

  2. maya it's looking soo tempted really......

  3. That's one pretty bottle! Great post love! x

  4. Any online sites from where we can buy it?

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    2. I have mentioned in the post ,plz read