Looking for full coverage makeup?Kryolan Tv Paint stick review

March 16, 2015 Mayas Makeuplife 16 Comments

Hi girlies,Today I am writing a review of good old Kryolan Tv Paint stick.
Kryolan Tv Paint stick is a cream foundation which comes in form of a stick, I believe that Tv Paint stick by Kryolan is very popular product all over the world. Kryolan Tv paint stick has been used by salon professionals for more than a decade throughout Pakistan, used by girls and women who seek full coverage makeup and for Tv and theater makeup also. I started using mine thirteen years ago to be honest , but I used it very carefully as I would never want to put a lot of foundation on my face.
What the product says:
Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time. The Kryolan assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary - which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV, video work and more.

Packaging and quantity:
Kryolan tv paint stick comes in twist up stick form,you get 25 g of foundation in this stick.

My thoughts:
I do don't like full coverage makeup personally but Kryolan Tv paint stick has been my vanity friend for years, even if i don't use it,its still there in my makeup box. Its a cream foundation,and I think it is well applied if you moisturize your skin beforehand and apply this stick with a damp sponge. Kryolan Tv stick's coverage is great to hide any acne scars, discoloration or marks on face. I have seen salon beauticians to use Kryolan tv paint stick as correcter ,concealer and contour cream while using its different shades. Kryolan tv paint stick is available in an unbelievable 250 + shades.
Its a great quality product,it doesn't slip from your skin and stays put for hours.In my personal experience, Kryolan tv paint stick becomes really smooth ,natural looking after 2/3 hours of application and becomes a part of your face.That is why salon use Kryolan tv paint stick for bridal makeup as it stays put for the longest time. So if you need full coverage foundation nothing can still beat Kryolan tv paint stick in my opinion.
 by google images
Kryolan tv paint stick has a huge shade range,for pink undertones,for medium,for Asian skin and for darker skin tone,it can be difficult to find the perfect match in this foundation,sometimes you can mix two tones to get the perfect color for your skin.The color chart shown on the website cannot tell you exactly about the shade,so going to the Kryolan counter and swatch testing it on your face can help you find the perfect match.I use it in Ivory shade which is best suited to Pakistani fair skin with yellow undertones.

*excellent for medium to full coverage
*travel friendly packing
*wide range of shades
*lasts for a long time
*can be worn in summers
*it won't slip easily from face
*stays put for the longest
*doesn't oxidize on face
*budget friendly
*Choosing a shade can be difficult
*applying needs more concentration and practice
*you'll have to remove it properly with a make up remover or it will clog your pores.
Price and availability:
Kryolan Tv paint stick is priced between 1150/1200 pkr in cosmetics stores throughout Pakistan or you can buy it online from just4girls.pk and saloni.pk
It has now different packaging on Kryolan official website and priced 21.75 $.

Thanks for reading ciao!

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  1. I am also using Tv pain stick and I am using it from more than seven years. Also using it in Ivory shade. Great review (y).

    1. Thanks dear.Its a good foundation no doubt.

  2. I have it in ivory but I find it a bit light for me and this can get a little cakey so I only use t at night as one can experiment with heavier coverage at night

    1. yeah it can feel cakey.thanks for stopping by:)

  3. The coverage looks amazing, I have yet to try this one. However, am not a fan of pan sticks/ stick foundations

    1. yeah its good for people looking for full coverage makeup:)

  4. I have their Tv paint stick too and it's amazing! Been using it for years! Great review Maya! x

  5. I have one but it doesn't work for me it give me more too much kind of look I am into natural coverage .......
    nice review dear

    1. yeah its not for people who want light coverage.thanks:)

  6. Nice review, it looks great!

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  7. Interesting product never heard of this brand great review. Doll I visit everyone that visit me back Ok. Have a great weekend.

  8. Thanks for highlighting the important factors of the product. I think the pros compensate for the cons. :)