Victoria's secret mood succulent

Victoria's secret Mood Succlent review

November 01, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

Hi pretty ladies hope you are all fine.
Today I am going to review Victoria' s secret Mood Succulent eau de parfum.
I dont see it on their website now but many bottles are available on Ebay and other sites.
I bought this perfume some years ago and ditched YSL's Elle for this, I think now that It was a wrong decision but nothing can be done.huhh!!! Actually I did not get to use VS Mood Succlent a lot ,it got wasted becuse the atomizer sprayer got pressed by other stuff on it for months and never knew it was in the wardrobe under so many things, I found out when I thought from where this delicious aroma is coming? I lost almost 80% of the full bottle, sad story!!
Learnt my lesson though, to put the cap on when not in use or at least dont forget a bottle like this under a pile of your stuff, lolz.
My thoughts on this perfume are:
First of all there are a few notes in this perfume, Vanilla, Blueberries & sandlewood. wow only three notes, and probably thats why its not a complex fragrance, it remains almost same from start to end.

I think the box in which it comes is very pretty, it has a lot of oomph and so is the bottle, simple but stylish.
The perfume is sweet, not toothache sweet, and the berries are very prominent with hints of Vanilla & sandlewood. Its like both are playing peek a boo in a forest full of berries, blue or black, I still have to figure out,lol ,to me its just too many berries. Its a warm scent, its perfect for Autumn & Winter, not too sassy, but delicious & warm , kind of comforting ,to my nose at least.The longevity is about 6 to 7 hours in my case.
Its not like Lalique Amythist, it does not turn heads but I got a few conpliments while wearing this. Its a no complex, no dark perfume but I feel I am in a forest full of berries, its a good feeling , its a pretty & safe & soothing fragrance for the colder months and for casual & office use.Its peefect for someone who loves berry notes.
I bought my bottle for 259 Dhs from Areej Dubai.

thanks for readin ,ciao...

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