Tommy Hilfigir Dreaming

Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming review

November 04, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

Green Tea and some Hilfiga!!!
I was having green tea and sprayed on some Tommy Hilfiger Dreaming and thought about writing a small review on it.Tommy a is well loved brand and is worn by many, be it clothes or colognes. The famous Tommy Girl will need another post but today its Dreaming.
Its notes are white peach, tuberose,white hibiscus, freesia, white sorts of trees and lily of Florance, it was launched in 2007.
I got about 8 samples with purchase of a Hilfiger gift set, it was just launched then, I still have 2 samples left.
My thoughts about this fragrance are that first the bottle is very pretty.I normally go for pretty bottles but sometimes its not wise to invest your hard earned$$$ on pretty bottles, its about what it hold really!!!.
It has yellow floral notes too, but I find TH Dreaming to be a white floral all the way.Tuberose  and peach is very prominent with musk & pepper and thanks god I dont smell any freesias at least on me. Its a very clean, floral and musky scent but musk is not very strong. Its a beautiful composition and I have loved it all these years but in summers I feel some metallic notes jump in which I cannot stand.
Its a powerful fragrance, sometimes it can have a masculine vibe but its pretty ladylike and grown up at the same time.
Overall a pretty tuberose fragrance, longevity about 5 hours, radiates a lot and turns heads, it leaves a pretty trail behind the wearer, probably not suitable for wearing on very hot days according to my personal experience.Its a very crisp floral with hints of peach, very lovely,can be worn on special occasions. Its not that pricey so what more you want from Dreaming. It gets a thumbs up from me.

thanks for reading, ciao...

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