Versace Red Jeans

October 31, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 2 Comments

Today I am going to review RED JEANS by VERSACE. It was created in 1994,and the notes are as follows:

  • Top notes:  Peach, apricot, freesia, cassis & jasmine
  • Middle notes:  Lily of the valley, violet, water lily & rose
  • Bottom notes:  Sandalwood, musk & vanilla

My thoughts on this fragrance are:

First of all I think the packaging and the bottle is way too ugly,I don't like the bottle at all, keeping in mind which designer house its coming from,so meh!!
Ok forget the quirky bottle and let us see the fragrance.I was not expecting this to be what it really is.There is no doubt its a loud quirky scent just like the bottle.I get the peach, kind of the peachy iced tea note, hmm and the flowers in the back ground and the musk.Its very sharp & synthetic in the beginning but after some time becomes this sweet smokey sultry scent that can blow one's socks away.
By looking at the bottle of versace red jeans I was thinking that its some kind of a generic fruity floral but ohh my!! its very different.I like smokey & musky fragrances so its a keeper for me.Its sharp, sweet and bold actually a  little vulgar in my opinion.
I totally get  the idea of the name now.Its a smoking hot loud fragrance,may be some people don't like it.I find it a little masculine but that's fine with me.In my opinion, its not for casual wear,may be suitable for evening wear, ignore the bottle and the scent is strange but very different, party in a bottle.Try before you buy,can be a scrubber for some people,and its way too long lasting.Versace red jeans gets a thumbs up from me.
Thanks for reading,ciao...

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