Blue Lady by Rasasi

November 06, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 4 Comments

Anatomy of 'A Blue Lady'

OK here we go, probably I no longer dare to wear this perfume by Rasasi but I have to admit Blue Lady being my very first real perfume.It was very famous back in my college days but not a lot of girls actually wore it every day, I used to wear Blue Lady or its spray almost every day and girls stopped to ask me what frag I was wearing.

I stopped wearing this many years ago because it became too heavy for me to wear. Notes include violet ,ylang- ylang, tuberose 
Peach, plum, narcissus, jasmine,
sandalwood, vetiver, vanilla ,amber and musk.
I now sniffed the bottle and realised that this perfume is a full on bouquet of flowers, jasmine being the most prominent.This comes in 40 ml eau de perfume,around 2000 something rupees nowadays, I don't know the exact price cuz I have 3 bottles still unused from previous years. Its a strong perfume, it lingers even after 12 hours, leaves a huge musky floral cloud behind the wearer, its very recognisable so I think nobody really wears it now a days. Overall a big, rich, in-your-face, floral creation with huge silage and longevity and for a migraine sufferer like me, a big no no. Made perhaps in Givenchy's Amarige style.
Thanks for reading ciao...

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