Calvin Klein,

CK Eternity Moment

November 26, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

Hi ladies,
I am back with another fragrance review.Today I am going to talk about CK Eternity Moment.
Introduced in 2004, this product is a fresh squeezed floral fragrance with a blend of lychee, guava, pomegranate, Chinese pink peony, passionflower, musk, rosewood, raspberry, cashmere and nymphea. It is recommended for morning wear,according to Walgreens website.
My thoughts:
To be honest I cannot get myself to like original Eternity, I tried so many times but it just not for me.
On the hand, ck Eternity Moment is the lighter, prettier version of Eternity.Its is such a nice well blended floral fragrance with some fruits and woody notes.First of all ,the bottle & the box is to die for, its simple and pretty.The color of scent is true to its nature,its indeed a pink fragrance.The most prominent note is peony.It has the feel of lightly powdered pink roses, though there is no rose in the composition.What a nice pretty floral composition by CK.
CK eternity moment can be worn in office if lightly sprayed and its suitable to wear on special occasions also.I can see this as a wedding scent. I sprayed this on my cousin on her engagement and she liked it a lot.Its a little sharp when you first spray it and then it becomes soft powdery floral scent. Its clean & crisp & a little fruity , floral and beautiful. Eternity moment projects well and stays on for ages, very very long lasting. So thumbs up for CK Eternity Moment from me.

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