How to choose Best budget products to bust cellulite & strechmarks

November 25, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

Hi pretty ladies.
I am going to talk about some products that are quite useful in busting cellulite & stretch marks. Its just my personal experience I am sharing with u in this post.

Nivea Q10 Plus Goodbye Cellulite Gel-Cream 
Well, to be honest, we all understand that cellulite cannot be diminished by applying some magical cream or formula, not possible.Its that stubborn fat trapped beneath our skin and Its hard to get rid of.I used Nivea's Good-Bye Cellulite gel on my skin and If used on a daily basis, it improves the look of that ugly looking skin & improves skin quality.Also the product is so thin & transparent and quickly absorbs into skin.The best part is that it smells gorgeous, like, really gorgeous and its non- sticky, so it can be applied on skin without any problem.Its very cheap and effective, at least in my experience. Love it totally.Its available in Pakistan on major drugstores & on Boots  website for under 10$.
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Cream For Stretch Marks
Palmer's cocoa butter formula products are amazing.I recommended it to one of my friend who had horrible itchy stretch marks on her belly and she felt much better after using Palmer's cocoa butter cream for stretch marks, its such a high quality product with a reasonable price tag.Its available in Pakistan in many stores and on drugstore for under 5 $.

Mustela Stretch Marks Intensive Action

Mustela is a U.S based company which also has its presence in U.A E.They have superb quality products for stretch marks. Its pre-natal, post-natal & baby products are really awesome. Mustela  strech marks Intensive action cream is available on Mustela USA website.
Thanks for reading, bye.

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