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A classy perfume for women/Burberry Weekend for women review

November 30, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 2 Comments

I am going to review Burberry Weekend for women today.House of Burberry has produced some fabulous fragrance over the years, the best thing about Burberry is the longevity.In my personal experience, Burberry fragrances stay on for a very long time and each fragrance has its own character. My favorites from this house are ,Burberry London, Buberry Brit sheer & off course Burberry Body. They just launched My Burberry this September, which I have not tested yet.
Ok, back to Weekend,I bought this fragrance last year and I love this golden little bottle, looks really pretty on the vanity.
A sheer fragrance with top notes of tangerine, tree sap and Reseda plant,
heart notes are made of wild rose,peach blossom,Iris and hyacinth & nectarine.
Base notes are cedar wood & sandalwood according to Burberry official site.
My thoughts:
Ok bottle looks very pretty with the golden juice inside.It comes under the category of floral fragrances.Weekend is very floral & fresh. I try to wear this but something in this perfume is just not letting me do so.I am keeping the bottle till I can finally wear it. Its really sharp & crisp to the extent I cannot bear it. Burberry Weekend is such a lovely creation & definitely smells very expensive. I got compliments on Weekend even from a perfume snob. Its just that I cannot handle this potent potion.
In my opinion it should be used with a very light hand, and it can last for ages because a little goes a long way.One more thing, If I spray it on clothes and leave for some hours, it becomes a little soft & wearable. Never over spray this & never spray on your skin, on clothes it smells much nicer.
Its suitable for mature women, can be worn in summer but not on very hot days & spring time. Overall its fruity sweet ,very floral , powdery, & sophisticated fragrance. 8/10 from me. 
Its a pity I can' t wear it but Its a very solid fragrance with a lot of character.
Thanks for reading.bye bye!!

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