Oriflame Eclipse review

October 14, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

I bought a few cosmetics from Oriflame a few months ago and with that I purchased their Eclipse edt and a sample of their fragrance Moon.I wanted to buy Moon but the seller insisted on Eclipse as she thought it was better than Moon.
Anyways Oriflame is a Swedish company and has set strong foothold in Pakistan also.I think they have the same selling style like Avon.They have a good line of cosmetics,skin care and fragrances.They have a long list of fragrances for men and women under their name but the whole range is not available in Pakistan.
The one I have is edt and I bought it for 999 for 30 ml.It was launched in 2012 and comes under the category of fruity floral.
Top notes:
green notes ,mint & melon.
middle notes:
Rose, lily & jasmine
Base notes:
Plum, musk, peach & sandalwood.

I think its an ok fruity floral,its sweet and fruity and lasts for quite a long time.I wish there was a little depth and floral edge in the perfume.I feel its very generic but suitable to wear casually and Its reasonably priced and can be gifted to teenagers and young girls.
The other one Moon is a spicy kind of perfume with rose & cardamom being very prominent.I smashed the sample accidentally on the floor so cant add its pick.Moon is more like incensy or having an attar like quality to it.I want to buy Paradise by Oriflame in future so will write a post on it.Till then,ciao...

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