Avon surrender for women review

December 12, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 3 Comments

Hi beauties!!
Today I am reviewing Avon Surrender for women.
Surrender by Avon was launched in 2004 and is catagorised as  an oriental floral.
Top notes: bergamot, mandarin, pear, freesia, tea
Middle notes: rose, flamboyante, bayberry
Base notes: patchouli, amber, musk
In many countries, Surrender is available and in some countries it has been discontinued. I bought it from UAE and it is still available there.
My thoughts:
This perfume comes in very sleek box and the bottle is very thin, the color is really pretty in my opinion.This perfume is really strong and it is for the women who are strong and want to make a statement. When I saw the notes , I thought oh! it is a floral scent but man how wrong I was.
When I first sprayed Surrender, I was taken aback, I was like no way it can't be a women's perfume.I thought this was the men's version of the same perfume. I checked again but it said 'for her'. I find Surrender to be extremely powerful  & masculine. I don't find any sweetness or feminine side of it.
I feel its peppery in the beginning and takes a musky side after a few hours.Its is actually a really musky fragrance.
Though Avon fragrances are considered cheap, this does not smell cheap at all. Probably bayberry is the main reason of the spiciness , because its a spice used in Mediterranean cuisine &  it adds the peppery feeling of this fragrance. On the other hand, its obvious that patchouli & burgamot combo gives it a masculine touch.
This is a potent perfume and only 2 sprays would last the whole day. It stays for 7-8 hours on clothes. If someone likes to wear spicy, musky and masculine perfume, this one is spot on, a powerhouse fragrance, you can either love or leave it, there is no in between. It is priced  at 99 dhs in Avon's u.a.e catalog.
Thanks for reading, ciao...

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  1. Oh it is kind of masculine scent, will never go for this. You did nice review :)

  2. Nice review Dear!

    Love XoxoX