Valentino V Absolu

Valentino V Absolu fragrance for women review

October 05, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 2 Comments

It s red and its hot:

Valentino is a famous designer house with exuberant gowns and all.I happened to have a bottle of Valentino V Absolu,the red one,it also comes in I think white bottle too.So today I am going to share my thoughts on this perfume.
I love Valentino's Rock n Rose perfume too because in my opinion,Valentino's modern interpretation of rose is chic n innocent at the same time,not a dark scent and so is Valentina,a very simple innocent smelling perfume.
Valentino V Absolu is my favourite scent.Its sweet n rich n complex,sassy n bold at the same time.

It has dominant notes of fig,mandarin,and grapefruit, frangapini is in the middle notes with rose and orange blossom and the base is a mix of cedar vanilla,musk and amber.Its a delicious scent and I really think that my arm is something deliciously edible when I spray it on lol.

At first,I get a very warm scent of fruity sweetness then it shows its floral notes and orange blossom and frangapini come out and in the end the yummy vanilla amber musky incensey aroma wraps me like a soft cuddley blanket.
Abosolu is an alluring sweet fragrance that I only used on special occasions but It can be worn in office if sprayed with a light hand.My bottle is almost over so I m praying for another one.I haven't checked in stores if its still available as it was a limited edition of Valentino V .Valentino V is almost identical to V absolu.It is available online on for 6490 for 90 ml.
You may like this perfume if:

  • you like your perfume to be sweet and warm
  • you want your perfume to get noticed
  • You dont mind that your perfume has a musculine edge to it.


so I' ll give a 10/10 for this scent bcuz it has been my guilty pleasure for many years.Will write more,till then ciao...

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  1. wow, the bottle is so chic! nice review Maya!

    Love XoxoX