DIY Paper Butterflies

October 07, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 4 Comments

Hello ladies.I hope you are all happy and healthy and busy too, lol.
I want to share with you my recent diy paper butterflies wall art.I happen to love paper butterflies,origami flowers and paper lanterns,wow I love these things so much.

  • I took out a print of butterflies from Google Images in two sizes.
  • I cut it out and made  butterfly patterns.
  •  Then I took some colored papers which are of solid material and traced my butterflies on the papers.
  • I cut out the traced butterflies.
  • I folded them in the center to make a crease.
  •  I put some glue on  the back side of the crease and pasted the butterflies on wall randomely.

Ta-da lovely 3d paper butterflies wall art is ready.
Its very simple,I'll probably make some changes in this later, but my wall looks really pretty.Will write more till then ciao...

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