Escada Pacific Paradise

Escada pacific paradise review

October 13, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

Normally house of Escada is associated with creating fruit salad or fruit cocktail type fragrances but I think the quality of their fragrances is excellent.I like Into the blue, incredible me and Escada S personally.I remember when incredible me came out,i got crazy for the lovely bottle,anyways I have no issues with Escada creations at all.
I have a special place for one Escada perfume in my heart.I hold it very dear to me and that is Escada Pacific Paradise.I love the delicate two tone bottle and the fragrance!!! oh its heaven in a bottle for me.I sniffed every bottle in store before I bought this adorable little scent and I never resented buying it.

It was launched in 2006,a limited edition collectible and I m glad I grabbed one in 2007 lol.Its a floral fruity fragrance,with notes of victoria pineapple,lime,goldenberry,cotton-candy,banana blossom and base notes of musk and hawaiian sea salt.yum!!!
In my openion though its a sweet composition,it doesnt get sickly sweet because of musk and sea salt,musk & sea salt give this fragrance an alluring edge imo.It reminds me of Jenifer lopez's Live which I love too much,and that was created by master perfumer Dominique Ropion.
This fragrance is gorgeous and fun,it brings out the fun in your mood and its very sassy ,young and hip and I feel I really am standing near the ocean,wearing funky colored shades, eating tropical fruits and my hair is flying in the oceanic breeze.I would call this perfume in Italian 'breza de mare' meaning ocean breeze.
I am in love with this frag.I have the edt version, and I so love it,its suitable for summers even though its quite sweet.Thumbs up from me for this rocking frag.Next I ll check Rokin Rio or Ocean lounge If I dont find another bottle.ciao for now...

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