Calvin Klein,

CK In2u her

October 27, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 2 Comments

Ck in2u her review:
Calvin klein is a multi million user brand and has created some fantastic fragrances over the years.I am reviewing here ck in2u her the golden and white bottle which is very cute by the way.I absolutely adore the box and bottle because its so modern, a little too simple & may be not so attractive for a lot of people but I do like it.
It is described as fresh floral with oriental woody base.The notes are: pink grapefruit,bergamot red current leaves,middle notes include white cactus & sugar orchid and base notes consist of vanilla,red cedar and amber.
My thoughts on this perfume are that its a nice fragrance,I bought it on a whim and I wasn't impressed with it at first,then it kind of grew on me.I started recognizing the beautiful notes after a couple of days and I am totally in love with this fragrance till date though sometimes I begin to dislike some fragrances after some time.
This fragrance is a citrus heaven, it can be worn in summers or winters.Wow i love the smell of pink grapefruit and the sweet smell of sugar orchids.Its so sweet and cozy and you would want to hug the wearer(in my case), simple but gorgeous.Its wearable in summers because of citrus notes which are vibrant and very very prominent from beginning to almost the middle and it would be lovely & warm for winters.
It is targeted towards younger crowed and I can totally see young women wearing it but I am in my 30's and I love to wear it and I know someone who totally rocks it at 30 plus.Age is just a number lol.I like Fantasy by Britney Spears and am crazy about it.
Its suitable for office wear,casual meetings and when you go out to have some fun.This frag is full of energy and fun,its very sweet and girly in the beginning but am just a little disappointed how it smells in its last stages,It has woody vanillic notes in the base but all i can smell is that type of woody notes you find in a men's cologne,not offensive but i wish there were some interesting woody notes in there.Overall what a nice,non offensive scent and stays on for about 8 to 9 hours on my clothes and still have traces of it after washing.
The 100 ml bottle is pretty huge and will last a good long time.I bought it for around 2500 rupees,it is available all over Pakistan. Thumbs up for ck in2u her ,I totally adore you.

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