Avon little black dress

Avon Little Black Dress fragrance for women review

October 20, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 3 Comments

A few years back I was given Avon' s Little Black Dress as a gift from an aunt, edp ,30 ml bottle and I never really used it until now.I heard that Avon's fragrances can change if kept for a long time so I started using this to not to get it spoiled.
I don't have any special relationship with Avon's perfumes but in my opinion they are way more long lasting than I can expect.This perfume has a gold liquid & a black box just like a posh lbd, does it really stand up to its name too?and my answer would be yeah it sure is.
Avon's LBD is an oriental fragrance launched in 2001.
top notes:
African ginger,honeysuckle,apricot blossom,coriander and cyclamen.
middlenotes:ylang-ylang,pink peony jasmine,datura and gardania
base notes:
tonka bean,Japanese plum,musk woody notes and sandalwood.
My Thoughts:
To my nose the most prominent notes are white flowers and sandalwood from beginning to end.The perfume is really strong and you have to spritz teeny bit of it and you are off to go,over spraying this fragrance can induce a headache in my opinion.This perfume has a very soapy feeling to it,its really soapy and maybe because of sandalwood,I get a feeling of incense in it.It stays on for a long time,it wont be going anywhere too soon,lol ,about 8 + hours for me.
Avon's Little Black Dress is perfect enough to wear on dinners or weddings,its not too pricey either and many people are selling Avon's products on line.Its a perfect gift and the bottle is beautiful.It has more editions,Little White dress,little Red dress,and Little Gold Dress.I would recommend Avon Little Black Dress if you like clean floral & long lasting perfume sans budget blow out.
Avon little Black Dress has great staying power.it can last a good 8/9 hours.
Avon changes prices in every catalog.This time Avon little black dress is prices at 7.99 Pounds.
My Ratings:
I would give 4.5/5 for this.
Avon little Black Dress is not complicated , just basic and a very safe choice especially for women in their 30's and above, mind you ,to my nose its not a girl's scent at all.Take care lovelies.Will write more till then,ciao....

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  1. You did nice review, doesn't look good for regular use.

  2. Strong perfumes are not my first preference. Very nice review! =)