wet n wild eye makeup remover review

May 13, 2017 Mayas Makeuplife 1 Comments

Hello girls, Today I am writing my views on wet n wild eye makeup remover. I bought this make up remover a year back when i was looking for a new makeup remover , this one was only for 3 $ so I wanted to see how it works on eye makeup. I hate to remove eye makeup because it is such a messy thing but you have to do that anyways.
This make remover comes in a see through purple bottle, the design is very simple and easy to place because of the square shape. Its cap twist opens pretty securely.
The Product:
This makeup remover actually removes most mascaras and eyeliners , though some  waterproof mascaras cannot be removed easily . The formula is similar to miceller water, the company says its oil free. Wet n wild eye makeup remover removes eye makeup  but do not expect it do its job super cleanly, it will leave behind mess and will not remove everything. The main problem with this makeup remover is its chemical odor, its so bad that I cant stand it to put on my face and the other major let down is that it stings badly in eyes. So i only used this a couple of times and stopped using it for its bad smell and stingy formula, it was never made for sensitive eyes.


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  1. Too bad it is not up to the mark, i love Bh cosmetics eye and lip makeup remover. It is amazing.