How to get younger looking flawless skin naturally

April 08, 2017 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

We all spend so much money on skin care products and cosmetics to look younger and have beautiful flawless skin, besides the expensive spa treatments and creams, let us talk about getting the youthful flawless looking skin naturally.

1.Remove makeup: 
It is important to remove your makeup before going to bed , never ever try to sleep with makeup on because it will break out your skin immediately. You can use makeup removing wipes or any miceller water to remove makeup and cleanse the skin at the same time.

Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and makes skin more youthful and soft if done correctly, you can gently rub a scrub on your face and neck at least one a week .

3.Get that natural glow:
Everyone wants to have a naturally glowy skin, skip the highlighters and six layers of makeup today by applying some natural ingredients from your kitchen, 
Tomato contains Lycopene which gives tomatoes its red color, lycopene protects DNA and makes skin youthful if consumed or applied on face, You can make fresh tomato juice or pureed tomato paste and apply on skin, It will give your skin instant brightening and natural glow. Oatmeal, sugar scrub , honey , turmeric, lemon juice , bananas and cucumbers and many more kitchen ingredients can be applied as masks or scrubs on skin for naturally radiant skin.

Lack of sleep makes your skin look tired and aged very quickly, try switching off your laptop and phone and going to bed early , with good sleeping habits you can avoid dark circles and tired looking skin very easily. Ease sleep deprivation by having chamomile tea at night and popping some lavender leaves under your pillow at night or put some lavender essential oil in a diffuser at night to get a relaxed sleep at night.

Eat healthy:
Probably you are tired of listening to all the healthy eating rants your mom gave you all your life but the truth is that it was all true, Eating a healthy and balanced diet will not only effect your health , it will make your skin look many years younger and flawless naturally. Eat good portions of fruits and veggies and lean meat to get that flawless looking skin you longedfor all your life.

5.Think positive:
Negative emotions like jealousy hatred or envy effect  our bodies and our skin can look tired and aged all the time. Stay positive by having good friends, enjoying small blessings of life, being thankful and content with what you have, it will make you feel like a different person, being positive is anti aging , you can trust me on this one I promise.

6.Don't stress:
Stress is the biggest reason behind failing health and major sicknesses like hypertension, heart disease and many more. Taking stress will not solve your problems but will make you look older in no time, people suffering from stress have grey hair and fine lines on skin at a very young age, we all know that. Try breathing exercises and yoga to relieve stress , try gardening, dancing, swimming or any other thing which makes you happy to kick that stress out of your life for good resulting in a younger looking skin.

Last thing I cannot stress more is exercise, staying physically active balances hormones aiding in getting flawless and better skin at any age. 

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