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Hi my lovely readers,
Today I am sharing my thoughts on LANCÔME paris's new custom made foundation .It is just been introduced by LANCÔME and I was pretty intrigued by the idea like the rest of the world. A computer scans client's different parts of face and chooses a perfectly matching foundation shade and then it mixes all the foundation ingredients in a bottle and it is mixed extensively with a shaker and tada ! the customer gets the bottle of her custom made foundation.
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It is a brand new technology and it blew my mind away. It is only available at Nordstrom , so I am not going to be able to experience this technology any time soon. But I think its a genius idea, every girl on planet earth want a perfect matching foundation which is such a difficult task. Thanks to LANCÔME let the machine do the task while you sit and watch the magic happen. If you have Nordstrom near you, do try this amazing technology which will change the foundation matching process forever.
Before I saw Jeffree Star trying out the new Lancome custom shade matching foundation machine ,I was pretty skeptical about it, but after watching the video, I was completely blown away with the technology , I loved how his foundation looked like a perfect veil on his face, it looked flawless but light-weight and perfect at the same time. Every girl who has trouble matching a foundation to her skin tone ,needs this machine. Thanks to jeffree star for trying out this latest technology.
You can read full details about this technology on lancome official website 
And you can watch the Jeffree star video here

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