DKNY be Delicious review

March 18, 2017 Mayas Makeuplife 0 Comments

Today I have a small review on DKNY Be Delicious edt for women .This perfume line is very
popular among women and the bottle looks like a cute little apple.
Its notes consist of grapefruit, cassis, apricot, maguet, rose, jasmine, apple, smooth accords and blond woods according to sephora's website.
My thoughts on this fragrance are that,first of all,the bottle is very cute and pretty but I think round bottles are a little difficult to use.
The fragrance is exactly as its described by name, fresh blossom. Its a very fresh and delicate scent. Its a pink smell of roses,a floral bouquet and apples & it sure is spring in a bottle. Just feels like wearing a frilly white dress and walking in a meadow in spring. Lovely scent and I could not stop sniffing my wrists whenever I sprayed this.
Heavenly ,sweet, dewy, feminine, fresh, and very light indeed, feels like it has pretty little wings, very delightful,I did not find any wood notes in there but i don't care.The only letdown for me is the staying power,I had to reapply because I could barely smell it after 3 hours, I tried so many times but its gone within 2 to 3 hours. I would have loved it more if there was some staying power in it.That's why I have gone through the 50 ml bottle so fast and I have thrown it in trash,I had to crop its pic from the collective image of my fragrances.I miss this beauty in my fragrance collection. Its price is 24 $ at sephora for 30 ml. I bought mine for around 245 Dhs from Dubai Duty Free. Perfect for spring and summers, casual and office use, it smells of holiday to me somehow.delicious indeed.
Thanks for reading.ciao....

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