victoria's secret body mist Victoria review

August 31, 2016 Mayas Makeuplife 2 Comments

Every girl loves Victoria's secret products, the body lotions, cosmetics, lingerie, perfumes, body creams are loved by the girls around the world. Victoria's secret has this universal appeal to girls and women of every age . I am also a fan of Victoria's secret products and have tried many of its cosmetics ,perfumes , body lotions and body mists. In my point of view Victoria's Secret appeal to women of all ages because everything about this brand is sexy, from colorful packaging to advertising  which lures every women to feel good about themselves , to feel sassy and confident.
Today I am talking about Victoria body mist by Victoria's secret. I was really fascinated by the perfume but wanted to try the mist first before buying the perfume which is kind of expensive. I bought 125 ml bottle of the mist , it is a very simple transparent bottle with a pink cap ,(I love the design). This mist has very light sweet fragrance , it smells just as most of the other Victoria's Secret body mists, fruity floral basically. I like this mist because its not over the top sweet, it has this light floral vibe with sweetness of fruits , sounds yummy right! .This mist is great to wear in summers because its not overpowering at all, like all other mists , this doesn't last long , you 'll have to respray after 2 /3 hours. Overall its a very nice mist , I am satisfied with it and want to buy its perfume in future, I bought  this mist from an online facebook page for 1500 rupees or you can buy online from their website .

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  1. Of course, everyone loves VS. I like such smell that are not too over powering.

  2. Nice post i like it!!
    thanks for sharing :]