Potato city launch in Faisalabad

June 08, 2016 Mayas Makeuplife 4 Comments

On 5th of June 2016 Potato city opened its outlet in Kohinoor city , Center point plaza , Faisalabad. I was invited by my lovely fellow bloggers Aamal and Rabia to the potato city launch. Potato city is basically a takeaway /snack bar type place where you can get cold drinks and french fries. The place is not very big but is very clean and nice. They have different flavors in french fries with dips of so many types to choose from.
flavored french fries is definitely a new idea in my city and I really like it, they have tandoori , Broast, tikka , achari, fish , ginger, garlic and chat pata flavor in french fries .The prices are also very reasonable, Here's the menu card:
The management was very nice and we were served with piping hot crispy french fries along with so many dips. I tried garlic fries and tandoori fries and I can say I was really pleased that the fries were fresh n crisp and flavors well balanced . Personally I liked garlic fries a lot with sweet tamarind sauce and plan to go back to eat those yummy garlic fries every time I visit center point plaza in future. The dips are served in small plastic containers , I tried tamarind dip , mayonnaise , peri  peri sauce , green chutney and all were really good. 

looks yum!

straight out of frier

Tandoori fries

dips ready to be served with fries

A lot of people attended opening ceremony and everyone was really appreciating how tasty the fries really were. At the launch RJ Aira from Radio hosted the evening and the crowd was entertained with melodious songs while customers enjoyed their fries. Free tasting was given to customers at the opening which is such good gesture. Overall it was a good experience and I really liked the fries and launch ceremony. If you are in Faisalabad or plan to visit the city do try potato city's yummy fries , I am sure you' ll love these fries. As for me , I am a regular visitor to the plaza where potato city has opened , we are always looking for something to munch on during shopping so its going to be my favorite place for quick snacking.  

decorated entrance

fun container

Rj Aira hosting 

rising singer Sajjad Ali attended

A satisfied customer

A customer giving good review

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  1. it was so fun... it was all made fun due to The social rainbow PR
    lovely meeting u

  2. Yeah it was lovely meeting you and attending the launch