Avon Today perfume review

May 10, 2016 Mayas Makeuplife 9 Comments

Hello lovelies, today I am here with a perfume review after a long time. The focus of my blog was perfumes when I started writing this blog then it slowly shifted towards cosmetic reviews more so today I thought to write a perfume review again.
The perfume i am talking about is Today by Avon, as we all know Avon is a popular Uk brand with a lengthy list of products and fragrances under its name. I bought this perfume solely because it won FiFi award in 2005, so I ordered it without sampling from Al hathboor intl who are Avon distributors in UAE.
About the perfume:
Today is the first fragrance in Avon’s trilogy of love. The face of Today’s ad campaign is Salma Hayek. The fragrance includes exotic tropical florals including strelitzia, also known as bird of paradise, and butterfly bush. The composition starts with the refreshing notes of freesia and cactus sap, while the note of white pepper ads some drama to this melody. Exotic flowers smell like honey. Base note includes sandalwood, cedar, velvety musky notes with a splash of rose water. Perfume was launched in 2004. It also won a 2005 FiFi award.
My views:
This perfume has beautiful golden packaging and the bottle is a simple square bottle, its very heavy and looks expensive. 
The perfume is mainly floral,you get lots of white flowers and freesia, its a very very strong perfume and it stays on clothes for days. This perfume can be worn in any season , when you sniff it, it smells of gardania ,yellow flowers and green leaves. In my opinion is a big flower bomb and kind of overwhelming ,at least for myself. It has huge sillage and longevity and it can become a darling of a floral perfume lover. I do not wear it as it gives me massive headache but it still is a beautiful creation with such a reasonable price tag. I bought a 50 ml bottle for 99 dhs.
you may like this perfume if:
.you like white florals
.you like strong fragrances
.you want your perfume to be long lasting

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  1. sounds like a pretty one but not for me bcoz can't wear strong perfume as it irritates me a lot well overall its a great post

  2. I've used it and it's one of my favorites in Summer when you want something strong and long lasting nice post

    Glamorous without the Guilt

  3. I like floral scents but not strong one as i am bit allergic to the scents which are overpowering.

    1. yeah same is the case with me dear.

  4. Hi, thanks for such a detailed review, it's truly a pleasure to meet another perfume lover! :-) I am always ready to experience new-to-me fragrances and I will definitely check this out soon. Anyway, if interested then you are welcome to check out my favourite perfumes:


    Thanks again! :-)

  5. Looks like a nice floral perfume for those who like strong fragrance. Nice post.