new Olor 24 hours Active Deodorant sprays review

January 24, 2016 Mayas Makeuplife 20 Comments

Hello lovelies,
Today I am sharing my thoughts on three exciting new deodorants by Olor Pakistan which have just been launched in the market. Antiperspirants are very important part of one's personal hygiene, deodorant sprays are supposed to keep perspiration at minimum and keep one 's underarms dry and fragrant the whole day, antiperspirant deodorants are a must buy especially in summers.
Olor deodorant sprays have three new flavors, Rosy Raspberry, Vibrant Violet and Glamorous Gold. Let's see if these worked out for me or not:

1. Rosy Raspberry:
Main notes: Raspberry and vanilla

My views:
A fruity burst of Raspberry and Vanilla brings you an exclusive fragrance that will leave you enchanted.
On initial spray I can clearly smell raspberry note which is very strong, a vanillic sweetness kicks in after a few seconds, this deodorant spray is very strong and sharp and stays on for a long time, if you like fruity berry like smells mixed with a lot of freshness ,this one is definitely for you.

2.Glamorous Gold:

This deodorant spray has prominent notes of Lilac and Amber.

My views:
This one has a gold bottle and the name suggests it to be a glamorous fragrance. It is a very sharp smell probably because of amber, which is a little heavy and masculine . If you like heavy ambric perfumes, this one may work for you.

3.Vibrant Violet:

main notes:
Iris and black current

My views:
This deodorant has a cute violet can and this is my favorite from the rest. This spray is a little sweet and fresh and to my nose its quite pleasant and floral. The good thing about these deodorant sprays is that these are long lasting in fragrance and freshness and will keep
you fresh smelling throughout the day. 
Olor deodorant sprays are available on all big department  and cosmetic stores. For more information you can visit Olor facebook page or visit their website

(Declaimer: This post may contain pr samples or gifts, the views are purely based on my personal opinion without any bias or being compensated in anyway)

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  1. I am currently using them, they are just awesome. Good review. Keep up the good work.

  2. Packaging looks lovely. I haven't tried this brand yet. Looks like need to get hands on it.

    1. Yeah you should, this brand is good.

  3. Nice review. I think they are going to be my best friends in summers :)

  4. Have tried them long time ago ... Nice review .. thank you for sharing dear ♡♡

  5. The packaging is so bright and cool! Cant say anything about the smell without tryin

  6. I like how you have tried to explain the scent through pictures! <3
    They seem awesome. Thinking about trying them!

  7. Look nice :)
    Maria V.

  8. Would love to review Olor. Good Job