The body shop chocomania deluxe body butter review

November 17, 2015 Mayas Makeuplife 15 Comments

Hello my loves, I hope you are all doing great. Today I am reviewing The Body Shop's chocomania body butter's deluxe edition. In winters our skin becomes dehydrated and dry due to cold weather and its necessary to properly moisturize skin with body lotions and body butters in cold weather.
I have really dry skin even in summer so my skin becomes irritatingly dry in the winters, I have to keep my skin moisturized all the time or it become too flaky and dry to handle. I bought The Body Shop's chocomania body butter deluxe edition a few months back, let us talk about if it helped me or not.

 The packaging:
This body butter comes in a dark brown round plastic tub with a twist up cap ,its small in size and easy to carry around while travelling.

My views:
The Body Shop chocomaina body butter has 13 community fair trade ingredients like soya beans, Brazil nut, sugar cane, cocoa beans, coconut, olive, shea nuts and so much more. It is extremely thick in texture and absorbs in skin completely without leaving any greasiness behind. I love the fact that this body butter is excellent for extra dry skin and keeps skin hydrated and soft for the longest hours. This body butter smells like bitter chocolate to my nose and you will find it delicious if you are a chocolate lover. Overall its a great product to keep skin supple and soft in winter season and I'll keep buying Body Shop's body butters for my super dry skin especially for winters.
  • extremely hydrating
  • buttery smooth texture
  • not greasy or oily
  • smells delicious
  • absorbs quickly

  • may not be suitable in summers
  • expensive in our country 
Price and availability:
6 $ for 50 ml, 20 $ for 250 ml
available at TBS outlets 
Thanks for reading, bye!

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  1. Sounds like this product is for me. My skin is also like yours, extremely dry in winter. The packaging looks so yumm. Great post.

    1. Yes dear it's fantastic for super dry skin, thanks for stopping by.

  2. This looks yummy :) Im still in search of a moisturizer that does not leave my skin greasy. I hope it's not as you are saying.

  3. This body butter sounds really moisturizing, would love to try it. Nice review.

  4. This sounds really good and the packaging is nice. Good review:)

    Chaste & Beautiful

  5. I love TBS products and this def sounds interesting .. thank you for the great post dear ♡♡

  6. This looks yum! :D Thanks for the review!