Klenspop Dandy Brown Lenses review

June 10, 2015 Mayas Makeuplife 11 Comments

Hi girls,Today I am reviewing  Dandy brown lenses by Klenspop. As we all know Klenspop is a leading Korean website selling best quality circle lenses with very good prices.I was sent these lenses for review a few days back and I am always very happy with Klenspop customer support ,delivery time and product quality.

Lens Information:
Diameter: 14.2mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year (Max)
Country of origin: South Korea
Price Includes: 1 PAIR (2 pcs) + BONUS CASE

These lenses arrived in a safe cardboard box with double bubble wraps to keep the products safe during transit, I am so impressed with how well the contacts were packed.The lenses have cute little box and it comes with an instruction manual, a free lens case and silicone tweezers. The contacts are packed in small glass containers with airtight seal ,you can easily remove the seal and transfer contacts in the plastic lens case. The small tweezers are so handy and adorable.

My Views:
I absolutely love Klenspop lenses, these contacts are super soft and despite having large diameter ,these contacts are comfortable to use. Klenspop lenses have so many designs and colors to choose from and I am absolutely in love with these lenses. Klenspop has excellent customer support ,super quick delivery all over the world and best prices both for its products and shipping. I cannot find any fault with these contact and I highly recommend Klenspop for powered or fashion colored lenses.From my side its a five star product and very reliable.

indoor lighting

in natural light

natural light

Price and availability:
Dandy Brown contacts price is 15$ , Klenspop run so many deals and promotions on eye products every now and then.You can visit Klenspop website to shop and check out the latest offers.

 Thanks for reading.

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  1. love the colour of your lenses. I also want to try lenses but have a slight fear in my mind, that its would damage my eye..lolz.. One day sure would try it out. Stay connected.
    Kanwalikram's B

    1. thank you dear, Yes it can be like that, in my case, I started wearing contacts at a very early age due to shortsightedness, so I feel comfortable with them.thanks for stopping by.

  2. They look so beautiful and natural! x


  3. they looks really natural and beautiful great post dear

  4. they are so natural I didn't feel you are wearing any ....beautiful review dear

  5. love the colour of these lenses.. :)

    1. yes i also like the color.thanks dear:)

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