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April 08, 2015 Mayas Makeuplife 14 Comments

Hi dolls,
I hope you are all doing great. Today I am reviewing gel liner by DmGm cosmetics.
I recently bought Fabliner by DmGm cosmetics though I went to buy my fave essence gel liner but it was not available.The SA convinced me to buy DmGm liner so I did.

What the product says:
Create fabulous eyes with the poured waterproof Fabliner. Long lasting gel formula, with a built-in applicator for easy dip & stroke action, Stay all day without smudging, running or flaking. Soft and creamy eyeliner is easy to blend and sticks perfectly, Provides an intensely deep pigmented stroke. Can be used on the waterline as well as the eyelid.
My Thoughts:

This DmGm eyeliner comes in a teeny tiny clear glass pot and it has a built in brush with it. Its really small in size and because the brush is attached on top,its really easy to carry around while travelling.The packaging is pretty basic like many other gel liners available in the market.The brush which comes with it is soft but I am afraid I cant draw a perfect wing with i draw my wing outline with my thin brush and fill in the space with this liner's brush.
The product:
The gel inside the pot is too little in quantity ,its not very creamy and feels a little dry but still you can apply it with ease on your eyelids.The color of DMGM fabliner is jet-black and its highly pigmented, the liner looks extremely black on eyelids and the finish is completely matte.I am so glad that there is no flaking of this liner and it sits on eyes for many hours. The DmGm eyeliner really is waterproof and smudge-proof ,I swatched it on my hand and rubbed it many times under water but its did not come off. It can be removed with a makeup remover easily and I removed it with a regular wet wipe but I had to rub really hard and my eyes hurt a lot because of rubbing, so its better to remove it with makeup remover.
I am really happy that DmGm gel-liner did not disappoint me. Its a great liner though I cannot tell about its life as many gel-liners dry up too soon.I bought it a few days ago so not sure about that.Overall DmGm fabliner is a quality product and is true to what it claims. 

*travel friendly
*intense black color
*highly pigmented
*can be worn in waterline
*stays in place for hours
*smudge-proof & water-proof

*less in quantity

My ratings:


Price and avilabilty:
DmGm fabliner is available in Pakistan on DmGm cosmetic aisles, DmGm cosmetics is widely available in U.A.E. Its price is 850 rupees and in U.k around 6.50 pounds.
Thanks for reading,do let me know of your thoughts in the comments section below, I love to read your comments.

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  1. It looks really pigmented. Nice review and EOTD :)

    1. yes its really pigmented.thanks dear:)

  2. It looks awesome!

    Love XoxoX

  3. This liner looks great for it's pigmentation and staying power. Nice review and EOTD :)

  4. Its really black and pigmented, great review dear

  5. Fabulous review dear. It looks nicely pigmented!

  6. Loved the eye look and the pigmentation of the gel liner. Good review:)

  7. Hi dear can we buy from boots in uk?couldnt see in boot...x

  8. Hi dear can we buy from boots in uk?couldnt see in boot...x