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wet n wild pinkerbell lipstick review

January 22, 2015 Mayas Makeuplife 9 Comments

Hi dolls,
Today I am writing about wet n wild lipstick shade in Pinkerbell.I think these mega last lipsticks are their most selling item, I love the shade range and these lippies sell like hot cakes on facebook pages in pakistan because we do not have wet n wild available in Pakistan.
First of all, the packaging looks kinda cute n simple but when I removed the plasic,I realized it has horrible packaging, its too fragile n it can break so so easily.
The lipstick itself is fantastic, you can apply it easily, its a semi-matte lipstick & its really smooth, stays on lips for almost 3.5/4 hours which is great.This pinkerbell shade is a pretty barbie pink kind of color and I like it a lot. I love these lipsticks so much and the only downside is the fragile packaging.Its a fantastic budget product for makeup lovers.I wish I can try more colors , infact many colors soon.I bought it for 450 rupees from makeup Therapy.It is charged around 450 to 550 rupees on different pages.I believe its priced at 2$ in US.

Thanks for reading ciao!

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  2. Nice review. I love this shade. Is looking great on you

  3. Beautiful shade. Good for summers and spring.

    1. yes its a pretty pink.thanks fot stopping by

  4. Lovely shades, would go well with light colored summer clothes.

    1. yeah its such a nice summery shade.