Himalaya herbals facewash

Himalaya Herbals clear complexion whitening Face Wash review

December 02, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 6 Comments

Hello dolls,
I am reviewing Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash by Himalaya Herbals today. Himalaya Herbals is a well renowned company for its herbal products. They have so many types of facial scrubs, masks , cleansers,face masks, shampoo & creams to offer. I have used Himalaya's hair protein cream & shampoo for like 5 consecutive years.
I am using Himalaya's Clear Complexion Whitening Face Wash for about a month now. It says it has Licorice & White Dammer extract,with cucumber & pomegranate, use daily for visibly brighter , clearer, glowing skin.
My thoughts:
I usually stick to my Olay & clean & clear face washes but I am really satisfied with Himalaya Herbals face wash. This face wash has very cute packaging it has a little herbal & a little saffron like smell which is not unpleasant. It has really soft creamy texture and I like how my face feels after washing with this face wash. My skin feels very soft, clear, smooth & glowing. I have normal to dry skin, so its working very good for me in the winters. The biggest thumbs up is the price. You get 50 ml tube in just under 200 rupees & a little goes a long way. I am definitely going to try more of their products.

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  1. I bought this one for my Mom and she is satisfied with the results... I think I will give this a try too

    1. good to know that it worked for her.thanks for reading.

  2. Where do you buy this?

    1. Himalaya herbals is an indian brand, Its easily available in pakistani and uae cosmetic departments.