Oriflame paradise giordani gold delicacy

Oriflame Paradise , Delicacy & Giordani Gold review

November 11, 2014 Mayas Makeuplife 2 Comments

I just bought Oriflame perfume samples and here I am going to review these three Oriflame fragrances.
Paradise eau de Parfum:
Top notes: bergamot, freesia, black and pink pepper
middle notes: pink Rose, jasmine, Lily of the valley, peony
base notes: cashmere, cedar and musk .
My thoughts: OK First the bottle is too pretty & adorable.The perfume has pink and black pepper notes that are prevalent from the initial spray. If one can dare to wait till this strong peppery phase calms down.
Paradise is beautiful. Though the peppery notes can turn some noses off, I really had to wait for the floral dry down. It is available in 3499 for 50 ml.
The sum up; Don't buy it if you are not a fan of pepper,its a grown - up scent with loads of pepper notes.I wish peony notes were prominent and the pepper toned down,it gets 5/10 from me.
Delicacy eau de parfum
This perfume is inspired by a dessert, the 'power flower' by master chef  Christophe Michalak.
Top notes: black current,pink pepper & William's pear,
middle notes: Rose biscuits,raspberries & strawberries.
base notes: vanilla, praline & musk.It was launched in 2011.
My thoughts: I am in love, Delicacy is a sweet fruity and delicious composition. The musky vanilla dry down is fabulous. I am so happy that it turned out to be such a pretty delicate sweet fragrance. Absolutely scrumptious, its available in Pakistan for 2,699, 50 ml.Thumbs up Delicacy.
The sum up; Very sweet & lovely & adorable & totally wearable ,it gets 9/10 from me.

Giordani Gold Eau de Parfum:
It has prominent notes of mandarin , Madonna lily and patchouli.
To be honest, at first sniff, Giordani Gold felt like a horrible headache inducing cheap soapy floral I would never want to touch. I gave it some time and to my surprise it does changes into something pretty and elegant after some time. Its a strong perfume so if you buy it, never over spray it and you ll have to wait till it turns into this stunning musky floral. It is available in 50 ml for 3,299 rupees. First phase is a pass, when the powdery notes mix with florals it becomes less annoying, from middle to dry down its a pretty white floral.
The sum up : pretty loud floral fragrance overall. It gets 7/10 from me.
If I have to choose one from these three, Delicacy will be my favourite. I actually found a good substitute of Escada Pacific Paradise in this.
Thanks for reading.ciao...

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  1. This seems like a nice fragrance... I love floral perfumes..

  2. sure sweety.thanks for commenting.