Born pretty store products review

Hey beauties, I am back with another review on different products from born pretty store.
This store has become my favorite over the past few months, their makeup is unbelievably good quality and super affordable.
They were nice enough to send me a package for review, I ll cover every product one by one so keep reading till the end.

Packaging, shipping and delivery:
Everything was wrapped securely in bubble wraps and my products arrived safely to me . It takes about 4-5 weeks to get your order to Pakistan from born pretty store.

I ordered two styles of eyelashes from this website, both styles are really natural and lightweight, L29 is amazingly similar to Ardel demi wispies , if you want a cheap dupe or alternative to Ardel wispies you have to get these ones .price is under 2 $ for two pairs how cool is that.

Born pretty store eyelash glue in transparent:
This eyelash adhesive is really good, its transparent and is really good in sticking lashes to eyes without any mess . 

Nail art brushes set:
Wow this set is so awesome. Just look at the fine tips of brushes in the closeup, the brushes tips are really precise and soft , and can be used to do any kind of nail art easily , highly recommend product.

Handayaiyan Aurora Highlighter,
Omg this highlighter palette is the cutest thing I ever have. The palette is super small in foam packaging, with four shades of highlighter, and the colors are really really beautiful , I am in love with this highlighter palette, which is travel friendly and so affordable.

I loved the packaging and quality of each and everything from born pretty cosmetics. Their products are insanely low priced and high quality, I am a big fan of this website and would highly recommend to buy such amazing products at such low prices and they ship worldwide.
You can buy online from 
born pretty store
You can use my code FFF4H10 for discount.

Born pretty store Bonnie Choice cosmetics review

Hi lovely readers , in today’s post I am sharing my views on a few products I received from born pretty store . The cosmetics I received are from the brand bonnie Choice.

I got an eyebrow pencil, two liquid concealers , and one lipstick.

First of all coming to the packaging, all of these products have such sleek and neat packaging that I was blown away. The packaging looks really high end and you can’t tell the price tag by looking at the super amazing packaging.
Shipping and Handling:
Bornprettystore is a big website and they deliver worldwide. My parcel reached me within 30 days, it was packed securely in a bubble wrap and I didn’t have any problem at all .
Products review:
Now I ll review all products one by one 
Bonnie Choice Brow Pencil:

I got this brow pencil in shade 05 , the pencil is really thin and it has brow product on one end and a brow spoolie on the other hand with both side caps . This shade is a dark shade of brown and perfectly matches my brow color. I really love this pencil, the formula is completely matte and sits nicely on skin without moving for hours.
Here’s a swatch of this brow pencil 

Bonnie Choice Lipstick in shade #6 Dahlia :

Omg I am super impressed with this lipstick, the packaging is a beautiful heavy black and gold one which feels really luxurious and expensive. 
The shade Dahlia is a beautiful fuchsia shade, formula of the lipstick looks very matte but once applied it’s really smooth and moisturizing, smells really nice also.Here is the swatch of this beautiful lipstick 

Bonnie Choice liquid concealer:

I got this concealer in two shades because I really liked all the shades honestly in this concealer. The packaging is so good that you ll forget that this concealer is less than 3$ , the packaging is just like the huda Beauty liquid liquid lipsticks which is insane. 
It comes with a doe foot applicator. 
The formula of this concealer is not really runny , it’s really creamy and pigmented , I really love the formula of this concealer and want to get more of this . 
Here are the swatches 

Here’s complete information of the products with item codes 

You can use my 10% off coupon code(FFF4H10) 
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Affordable foundations in Pakistan series updated edition Christine foundation stick review

Hi my lovely readers, I wrote a blogpost a few years ago on affordable foundations easily available in Pakistan,  now I am revising that topic as prices have changed in a few years and many new brands have been introduced in the market.
Today I am talking about the stick foundation by Christine Cosmetics. I haven’t really used anything from this brand before but it is a very famous among Pakistani girls. This foundation stick comes in a very slim stick packaging which is okayish . Not too bad not too fancy just fine. I bought this from daraz .pk in shade beige though there are many other shades available.
This foundation has a very waxy kind if formula, it’s not full coverage at all . I feel because of it’s waxy formula it’s not suitable for oily skinned people. The staying power is average and I am not impressed with my first ever purchase from this brand.

Its quantity will last for a good long time
It super cheap
Easily available
The formula is not not full coverage
Staying power is average
Smells really unpleasant
Not for people with oily skin
Availability: and any local cosmetic counter

Disclaimer: This is not a pr sample and this review is 100 % my own honest opinion 

Iznik Festive Chiffon Eid Collection 2018 is around the corner Ladies!

Iznik Festive Chiffon Eid Collection 2018 is around the corner Ladies!
Get ready to conquer the chic look this summer!
Amidst of superhot summer, a silky flawless Festive Chiffon launch of Iznik is the wave of soothing breeze that has grasped the focus of every woman in Pakistan that surely wants to stand out from all the trend setting prints out there as Iznik is offering something out of the box this season. Launching its Festive Chiffon on 6th august 2018 nationwide is a worth attending event.
Iznik have always been known as a well-renowned ethnic wear brand where high ranked style is merged with silky threads and alluring fabric to go with. Exclusive in its range of pure silk luxury with hot trending embellishments is the main forte to deliver the
A detailed look at this highly embellished, distinctive and silk and chiffon fabric comprised Festive Chiffon Eid collection of Iznik 2018 and we could not stop ourselves to applause for this jaw dropping range of colors, prints and embroideries to be exact.
There is a vigorous competition within women to look stunning and distinguishing from other relevantly but for this you need to go for the brands that are offering not only stupendous fusion of colors and prints but elegance simultaneously. So all the women in town, time to attain some silky yet classy series of articles in your wardrobe and make everyone mesmerized by your sheer transformation.
Pastel and vibrant colors are the must haves of summer-look which is predominantly witnessed in upcoming Festive Chiffon collection of Iznik. By now made its name as the finest brand around town Iznik is stepping ahead by giving some extravagant edge to its collection. From mere unstitched fabric to ultimate Pret Wear, you can grab your hands on your admired prints and cuts all under one roof. Prices starting from 8000 making it exceedingly acceptable for working class of women as well to be in limelight within nominal price range. Wao! What more can you ask for?
Chiffon, the all-time beloved fabric for formal yet fabulous look is displayed explicitly in Iznik launch with versatility of latest designs is surely going to compel you to buy it at that very moment. Chiffon dupattas are never out of trend with some embellished and finely detailed cuts of joras. Refined quality with chic cuts and enriched with amazing pallet of colors is the sure shot prerequisite of this summer heat. This collection of chiffon would assuredly upgrade your celebration of Eid more cherishing than ever.

So Ladies!!Want to have some gorgeous and exceptional look with chiffon exclusive fabric? Here is the chance for you to make your Eid festive special and show some women empowerment at the same time!

Solotica contacts in shade natural mel by visionmarketplace

Hi lovely readers,
Today I am talking about a superb website for shopping contact lenses . I got a pair of Solotica lenses in shade Natural mel from visionmarketplace.
It’s such a wonderful website in terms of product quality, shipping speed and customer service. To be honest this is the best website out there with such reasonable prices for solotica contacts. This website not only sells whole range of solotica lenses but also contacts by Bella , Adore , Soleko , Waikon and many more brands in sun glasses and glasses. 
I also got a multipurpose solotion by visionmarketplace and a 10 % discount voucher in my package , I am really glad that they are now making their own contact lenses solution and it’s made in Italy , how cool is that.
My package was securely packed and contents were packed with soft foam pieces for protection. My package arrived at my doorstep without any hassle in 5-6 days , and that’s really cool even though we had a three days holiday at the time.
The quality of my contacts lenses from visionmarketplace is amazing, the contacts are super pretty and comfortable. Getting contacts from visionmarketplace has always been such a nice and smooth experience, and totally amazing. 

You can visit and shop here
You use my code ‘Maya’ to get 10% discount.




[Karachi, June 24, 2018] Masarrat Makeup, Pakistan’s first Halal certified makeup brand is now launching its beauty line in the USA at AAPNA’s 2018 convention in Dallas TX. (Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America).

The event is going to be held from 4th to 8th July in Dallas, TX, USA. MM is collaborating with AAPNA to bring Masarrat Makeup to the USA. Masarrat Misbah will attend the event herself to elaborate the brands reach and how MM makeup will be available for their USA fans.

Masarrat Misbah, a powerhouse in her own has always been on the forefront for setting trends and bringing innovation in the beauty industry.  With providing her beauty services to the industry, she is also the pioneer of halal make-up in the industry and a trainer for many. Masarrat Misbah‘s beauty line is well taken by Pakistani females. MM makeup is all about exclusivity either it’s MM Silk Foundation, eyeliner, new shades of liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks.

“United States of America is best known for its “Diversity” and MM Makeup is for every skin type and tone. We take the pledge to represent Pakistan in the premier style at AAPNA. It is going to be one of the biggest achievements for Masarrat Makeup and this is the beginning of the brands future.” - Stated Masarrat Misbah

About MM Makeup:
In 2014, MM Makeup was formed by esteemed makeup artist Masarrat Misbah as a solution to the lack of high quality, affordable, and locally accessible makeup in Pakistan. MM is the first halal makeup line in Pakistan that does not use any non-permissible animal substances or harmful chemicals.

For more information visit:

My picks for Eid 2018 from Khas Stores

Eid is just around the corner, everyone is super excited and busy to keep up with the  hectic shopping, Ramadan and daily work.
As a shopper I personally prefer to go out when there is no rush in the markets but near Eid it’s almost impossible to find a peaceful market to shop . I mostly buy online to avoid the long lines on payment counterpart and getting tired while fasting and in extreme heat in our country.
This eid I picked some favorites from my favorite brand Khas Stores which is the ultimate name of style and quality. I love their designs and fabric quality.
If you are still looking for beautiful dresses with not so high prices, go check your nearest Khas Stores for homeware , men and woman clothing, or shop online, 
And there’s a crazy sale going on for Ramadan, so don’t miss this opportunity.
If you like casual comfortable dresses 
Look into their ready to wear dresses and lawm kurtis 
These are so freaking stylish and pretty , here  are my picks:

I also get new bed covers on Eid so I picked these two designs, their digital bedding is beyond beautiful:

They also have ready to wear for men 

Khas stores Lawn unstitched Eid collection is stunning with exquisite designs and detailing:

And if you like to wear chiffon don’t forget to check out Khas store’s chiffon collection, it’s so absolutely stunning, here are my picks :

I hope this article will help you choose your favorite dresses , you can shop online on